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June 6th, 2008, 09:49 PM
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What made your decision for you when you were picking your child's parents? She was just perfect. She was a teacher and her sister had married interracially and her other sister had adopted a little girl. It was just a perfect fit.

Was there something silly that you noticed and liked? Read above.

Did you pick from more than one set of parents? Yeah. I had a selection to decide from. It came down to a family with two boys and her birth mom with none. I decided she would be all the more cherished by a mom with no children. Not that she wouldn't have been loved in the other home...

What was your "criteria" to go by when choosing? I didn't have any...I just looked until I found the "one"

Did you see pictures of them before you placed your child? Yes, however they were older. They probably should have updated.

Did you meet them before you paced your child? I met them when she was born. I could have changed my mind but they just fit.

Did they visit you before/after the birth? In the hospital? We saw each other for several days after until I officially signed away and they left for home.

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