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June 8th, 2008, 03:39 PM
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We had been seeing mw's at a bc, and I called after the hush-hush planned UC. The mw was MAD, holy cow! She sent out the baby nurse later that day. This time we aren't having any prenatal care (its not necessary for a birth certificate here-you may want to email your vital stats office though and find out what is necessary, because some places require a pedi visit, etc) so we'll just have the landlord here (who ROCKS!) sign our request for a birth certificate again...he's a notary. As far as a check up afterwards, well, Ele's never been to a doctor. So we didn't really feel it was necessary. But again, check out the legality issues in your state because yeah, you definitely don't want to be on CPS's radar. If all else fails, maybe you can go see a naturopath or something who will probably look more kindly on this kind of situation.
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