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June 9th, 2008, 01:13 PM
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I have told my midwife that I plan a UCB this time around, she is amazing!! However, she did bring up the fact that the Ped can call DCF here, because a UCB can be "Putting the baby at risk". I told her that this will be our 5th delivery and I have never had a single problem, other than my oldest having a big ol head (not exactly a problem if you ask me, just a little bit more pain, lol). She told me that she knew that (of course she did, she delivered all 4 of our babies, lol) but that she just wanted to let me know, and that she would never call DCF for that reason, but you never know what a Ped would, they aren't going to the Ped, so the Ped will do nothing, lol. If this is twins, I will have an assisted HB though, just to ease DH's mind.
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