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June 10th, 2008, 12:03 PM
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Aww shadow, that page "Has been denied access" from my school, grrr.....[/b]
well, it's a photo montage, women who have 'defied the odds' and had natural births with multiples. the text directly addresses the myths about multiple births (always a c/s, not if multiples are your first, not by vbac, multiples are always early, blah blah blah). it's pretty cool. 22 vaginal twin births, some in the hospital, some at home, some unattended, and even some with 'complications' that often result in a c/s with singles- hbac, preemies, a single footling/double footling set, a couple other breech babies, one to an 'advanced maternal age' mama with high bp. the last birth is a home waterbirth of triplets!
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