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June 10th, 2008, 01:35 PM
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HI Ladies,
I am writing because I am VERY worried about my sister. I don't know if anyone on here has Lupus but if you know anything about it you wuld be a great help to me.
About a month ago she went to the Dr with a rash on her face. He gave her cream and then said 'I am 98% sure you have lupus'. He then gave her all the paper work to see 600 dofferent specialists. She has at least 80% of the symptoms... Sore joints, swelling, sun sensivity, the list goes on. The rash has since cleared up but she still has everything alse. Especially in her hands and wrists.....
I guess my questionis. CAn the rash clear up? Sould she still go and see these Drs? She hasn't even made appointments! She is only 25 and I realise this is a huge life altering thing to get landed on you at 25 but I feel she still needs to get it checked out. She is moving home to live with my parents for a while and I am hoping Mum can get her started. I would personallytake her to the Drs but I live in Canada and she is in australia. I just can't go running every time someone gets sick... (Much as I would love to).
Please can someone help me with what to tell her and if this rash can actually clear up...
Thankyou VERY much

Grace in Canada
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