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June 11th, 2008, 02:11 PM
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Hi! I'm a lurker here but I HAD to comment on this post!! ITA with the OP!!!!! That show made me so angry!! Everytime the narrator would say something along the lines of "should've been in a hospital" my husband would look at me out of the corner of his eyes, just waiting for my rant! I wanted to yell at all of them that that baby and mom were perfectly fine even though she delivered ***gasp*** at home and without a doctor!!! I was LMAO when that guy wanted to push the baby back in, though...sorry, charlie! That ship has sailed!

And has anyone else noticed that "A Baby Story" has had NOTHING but c-sections lately???? Where are the waterbirths? The homebirths? The midwives...even just unmedicated hospital births?!! No wonder this country thinks major surgery is the only way to have a baby!
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