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June 13th, 2008, 12:24 PM
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My mom and aunt arrived on Monday, June 2nd in hopes that they would witness the birth of my son. My due date was June 2nd after all. We had a really wonderful day together (I hadn't seen them since Christmas) and they got to know DH and a bit of the city.
At roughly 4am the next morning my water broke big time. I started to have contractions right away. They were mildly painful and about 5-10 mins apart. DH filled up the birthing pool and I phoned the midwife at 6 to let her know that I was in early labor. I took a shower which helped me relax a bit. My mom and aunt came over with fruit and snacks for me. I ate throughout much of my labor which really helped keep my energy up. DH put on some Jackie Chan movies to distract me (ha ha) while I was in bed. My contractions became more intense as the day wore on.
By about 5pm they became unbearable. I couldn't concentrate, all I did was hold DH and moan/cry. I was becoming hysterical! DH phoned the midwife again and she said she would be over in 45 mins because she was at the hospital with another woman who had just delivered. I was trying to cope with the pain because I knew I was SO close. At one point I told DH I wanted to go to the hospital (See how hysterical I was?) and he began packing. The midwife arrived about an hour after we spoke to her (bad traffic as well) and she checked how dilated I was. I was at 8 cm! I got into the pool which felt so soothing. DH got in with me and gave me AMAZING support. About ten mins later the pushing surge came over me. WOW is that sensation ever uncontrollable. I laid back in DH's arms and just flowed with the pushing. I could feel a hairy head as I reached my hand down I pushed for roughly an hour and Thuya's body seemed to slither right out. He entered our world at 8:11pm at 9 lbs, 20.5 inches long. He was put right on my chest and I started sobbing, he was so beautiful! His apgars were 8 and 9. I stayed in the pool for a few minutes and was then moved to the bed where I delivered the placenta and got stitches. I had two shallow tears on my labia minora but that was it! I was allowed to hold my son the whole time. The only time they took him was to give him his oral Vit K. I was then moved to my bed where I laid with my son. He was weighed and measured and I breastfed him. Thuya's birth was by far the most beautiful day of my life.
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