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June 14th, 2008, 11:00 AM
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I don't get why I even bother sharing this pregnancy with anyone other then my husband. Everyone who has found out we're pregnant has pretty much put me down for my choice to have a HBAC.

My first birth was far from idea, I am glad my son game out healthy and is now a happy 2 1/2 year old. Thats all that matters to me. But yes, I am bitter and hurt by his birth. It could have all been avoided had I not been 19 and naive. Now, I'm 22 and have done my research, educated myself more (I was educated, but they were good at scaring a 19 year old first time mom then) and am very happy and calm in my choice to have a home birth.

My biggest supporter is my husband. Who at first was dead set AGAINST having a home birth. If he can open his mind and heart, why can't our families? My MIL tells me I'll have to have a section again since I already had one. My SIL (who honestly means well, but had hard births herself) told me to skip labor and just schedule the section and that I was nuts for even thinking about having a vaginal birth. My mom, she seems ok with it but there are comments that she makes that just are, well, hurtful.

I wondering if I shouldn't even discuss this pregnancy with them. They're taking the joy out of because of how I am choosing to birth! I know even though my mom doesn't seem to agree with it, she will support me. She has already said she'd be there to help care for my son so my husband can help me focus on labor and birthing.

Sorry for venting. Its just getting to me. Since we chose to have a home birth, I have been more calm and relaxed about this pregnancy. Taking it in stride and ease. This is the only downfall to it.
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