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June 14th, 2008, 08:57 PM
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Your choice will educate them only after the fact. Until the birth they will only see it as an impending diaster.

Are you sure you want your mom to watch your little boy during the birth? Maybe you could find someone who is acutally supportive. The negative energy and comments she would bring to your birth could hamper or stalll your progress.[/b]
She is my only option to watch my son. We don't live in our home town and I still don't have any friends where we live now. My mom is the only person here who I can trust to take care of him. Pending on the time I am in labor, he may go to her house or hopefully sleep through it. It all depends on if I'm sleeping.

I do think that if anyone is going to come around, it would be my mom. She is not so old fashioned in her thinking I just think she's nervous since my first birth. Which I understand, but her comments at times are just hurtful.

I do want to thank you all. I am very happy in my choice to have a home birth. I was never this relaxed during my first pregnancy and I was pretty calm then. My MIL is in her 60s and my SIL is in her 40s (my husband was a surprise baby, he'll be 28 this year and is 11 years younger then his brother). So I under stand their thinking.

I really do hope that this educates them and helps them understand that the hospitals are there for when you need them. Not for every minor thing. I could never go through another c-section.

Thank you all though. It really means a lot. Just having a down hormonal pregnant day.
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