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June 16th, 2008, 12:18 PM
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This may be the wrong place to put this but Id like for other womans opinions.

Basicly for 3+ months now Ive been throwing up every morning, getting moody, eating alot, going to the loo alot, tender breast etc... the whole typical pregnancy signs, even down to feeling like Im pregnant.
Well I took a test & it came back negitive but the signs didnt stop & I began having cramps a hell of a lot. Im on the pill & when I do have a period its extremely light, which is never reason my doctor told me to test.

After 3 & a half months my doctor has decided I need a scan, between him, my self & another doctor Ive had 12 / 13 pregnancy tests! Theyve felt my stomach & gave me sickness tablets. Ive been rushed in hospital twice in the middle of the night with alot of pain.
One doctor tested me for a water infection which came back positive but 2 days later they tested again & its come back negitive.

Both me & my doctor agree that with all the signs that pregnancy is the most sensible answer. Im waiting for my scan to come through & am getting worried.

Is there anything any one here can think of that it maybe?
Does it sound like a pregnancy to you?
Also is there any way that possibly having a water infection or being on the pill could effect the pregnancy test?

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