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February 22nd, 2005, 11:43 AM
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Are you referring to the weekly injections? If so, then yes. I have been receiving weekly injections of Delaluten (aka 17P) since I was 21 weeks. I know there are several new progesterone vaginal gels, etc., so if you are referring to any of those, I apologize for all the useless info I am about to give. I still went into preterm labor at 25 weeks and dilated 1cm & effaced 25%. The injections are quite painful, but we spoke to the compounding pharmacy & found that we could mix it with Lidocaine which makes it much less painful. Be sure and ask for the Lidocaine! It makes a major difference. Also, be sure that the nurse rotates which hip she gives it in each week. For the first day or two following the injections I usually feel a little nauseated and have a bad headache. I am still taking the injections because we are still doing everything we can to prevent another preterm delivery, however, the doctor still expects me to deliver between 30-34 weeks. Hope this info is useful to you. Best wishes.
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