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June 19th, 2008, 04:33 PM
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I was lucky, I didn't have much negativety but I also had a cousin who paved the way for me! I bet she got a lot more negative comments I did.

My mom was much like yours... not really against it but would make hurtful comments... what annoyed me most about my mom is that she would make these comments and then refuse to debate them. If I tried talking to her about what I had researched and why it was not unsafe, she would simply say "whatever, you're the one who is doing this... it's just that if it was me I'd feel safer..." blah blah blah It really hurt me in different levels... she tells me I'm the one who did the research but still felt the need to inject her negative comments, but will not discuss with me and the most hurtful level was that if she felt the need to make those negative comments the she did not believe it was safe... I'd like to think that if one of my daughters was doing something I didn't consider safe I'd like to discuss it with them and listen to what they have to say about it... not just say "whatever"!

Funny thing is that my mom now admits that she did not want to admit to anyone she talked to that I was doing a home birth before the fact. Now, after the fact, she loves to brag about it!! LOL She'll tell anyone that will listen that her daughter had her second baby at home!!
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