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June 30th, 2008, 01:51 PM
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Im in So cal and he is currently in Kansas but being transferred to Washington state . So its pretty far either way. Well its a tough situtaion cause they dont have a home phone with long distance, so i went out and bought my oldest a pre paid cell phone. NOT so i can constantly call him, but so that he has a way to contact me if need be. His father does have a cell phone but will be working 6-5 min - fri and takes it with him. I just didnt want them left in a spot where they couldnt call all day IF they wanted too.

ive talked to them a few times a day so far when my little one calls me. I have called their once, only becuase he was supposed to call as soon as they landed there in kansas and of course he never did. SO i called and checked to make sure they were ok. A little bit of consideration for my feelings would have been nice. But he looks at it like he owes me no favors since they live with me the majority of the year. (which is is TRYING to contest.) He thinks the judge is gonna say, one year with mom, one year with dad, and so on and so forth, he doesnt quite do the research i do so hes not sure of how it really works. Essentially he is dreaming.

We get along *OK* but not the best. Im trying to be the best i can be for my boys, but he makes it so hard. He fights me on everything, i persoanlly i feel like letting them go at such a young age for 5 weeks (when the judge only would have granted 3) is being pretty darn nice. But he doesnt look at it that way, he wanted the full 10 weeks of summer even though our 8 year voiced conern over being away for that long.

Im also due to deliver by C sec on Aug 9th, he is trying to extend his visitation atm so that the boys *miss it* on purpose, becuase according to him, *hes not their real brother anyways*.

So i bet even in this short time you can see my frustration.
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