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July 3rd, 2008, 11:22 AM
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hey ladies how is everyone! Well im super tired!!! I just did my 2nd round of tests b/c the first time the stupid lab decided o im not going to check the insulin and they did only the glucose! so i had to go and redue all of it again! So i wasnt a happy camper!

Anywho well here i am also on day 41 and counting LoL I did a hpt yesterday and it was a a small line came up afterwards but it was over the time limit of 10 min. but it didnt look pink it looked grayish like an evap line. I didnt use an FRER which would have been better b.c the market didnt have any they only had AccuClear. Which when i went to I saw that they said that after the time limit they have had compalints of false positive looking lines. so im sure thats what i saw.

This mornign i woke up cramping alot but still no i guess all i can do is wait and pray for AF not to show up. Also my bbs are still hurting. well its actually my nipples not my bbs, but you know what i mean. I literally got up this mornign and just the action of getting up from bed my nipples started to hurt! Im like is that normal

Well ladies I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

I would love to retest tomorrow it would have been my grandfathers bday, he passed away 5 yrs ago, hopefully hes watching over me and blesses me with a lil firecracker


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