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February 24th, 2005, 12:27 PM
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I just turned 34 and am approximately 20 weeks pregnant. A week ago I found out that my AFP came back positive for a higher risk of Down's Syndrome. I spoke to a genetic counselor last Friday and had a 3D ultrasound with a Perinatologist (Spelling?). My ultrsound was perfect and no defects were shown. My baby was very active and the Docotr said he did not see anything that suggested DS. However, he could not rule it out as he said an ultrsound is not always a good indicator of a chromosomal anomaly. This news left me with the same 1/130 chance of DS and an amnio was the only way I would know for sure before the birth. I chose not to do the amnio as I am having the baby no matter what happens and don't want to risk a miscarriage.

I have been reading a lot of information regarding ultrsound and DS. I have noticed that most women on the message boards feel that all is well if the ultrsound is negative for DS symptoms. All the reserach I have read says that it is not a good indicator as it can miss symptoms. I would like to know of any other women out there that have a similiar story as well as any information contradicting my info. on the ultrsound diagnosis. As any mother or mother to be knows, I am very concerned but try to focus on the fact that my odds are 99.3% that I will have a healthy baby. But I am also realistic that I could be the .7% also.
I would really appreciate any information you might have or encouraging stories as I am only half way there and have along time to think about the outcome.

Thank You,
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