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July 4th, 2008, 03:29 PM
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Is it logical to have a home birth in an apartment, on the third floor? DF and I have decided that we really want a home birth. We were originally planning on birthing at the birth center with my midwife - I wanted to use their great built in birth tub since I would really love a water birth. But now that I have been really thinking about it I know I will much rather give birth at home, in my own surroundings, and just be comfortable.

I would just feel better to be on my own turf.

But, I'm worried that for some reason it won't work out. The only things I can think of is our apartment manager protesting (Can they do that?? What if I just don't tell anyone??) or there being an issue with the portable birth tub up here...though I doubt that would be a big huge issue. We do have an elevator so if there was an serious emergency it's not like I'd have to be carried down three flights of stairs..

I'm going to bring it up to my midwife on Monday, at my next visit with her. I'm sure it won't be an issue with her..I'm mostly worried about the apartment manager trying to stop me from birthing here.

Any advice??
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