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July 4th, 2008, 05:59 PM
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I really want it. I am just really nervous about someone finding out that we are planning a home birth here, and then the management getting antsy about liability issues. I really don't even know if it would apply, and if they could legally do anything. They are pretty strict here, which I like normally.

I have told one other person, my friend, who just so happens to live in the apartment next to our manager here. I asked her not to mention it to anyone at all. She is very supportive, and is even considering giving birth with the midwife I am seeing (though she is leaning more toward a hospital birth..I'm taking her to my appointment on Monday so she can see first hand how fabulous my MW is!)

I just don't want to go into labor, and end up having the manager banging on my door telling me I have to go to the hospital or be evicted! KWIM?
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