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July 4th, 2008, 09:43 PM
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Ok so im new to the board and the site actually but heres my birth story...

There was nothing really special about it all except for it was me this time lol and not someone else... I was put in the hosp on the 7th to be induced the next morning, but around like 4 before they ever had to give me stuff to efface me my body done it. i still had to have pitocin though... everything was all hunky dorey until the contractions started to really get hard so i called for them to redo my epidural(put more in) and they did and the pain hadnt went away like 20 min later and i was hurting.. so they had to do it agian and nothing.. next thing you know they was saying you need to just start pushing and i was like no i aint i can feel everything... needless to say i had to start pushing and it was the MOST miserable painful feeling in the world.. i screamed i cried. i did everything thats so cliche about having a baby.. i cussed and yelled at the dr, my mom , and my bf for no reason.. her head was stuck right there for an hour and my quack of a dr didnt think to check that... turns out her hand was up by her head, she was trying to come out hands first lmao... Another thing, i asked my dr to cut me before i ever went in and she said that she didnt need to i wouldnt rip yada yada,.. i ripped and it hurt for 3 months afterward.. Also, i couldnt walk for the rest of the day because of all the epidural i had( it worked after the fact)
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