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July 5th, 2008, 08:39 AM
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I say go for it - no way would I be mentioning it to the landlord, but even still I dont see how they could legally object - YOURE renting it ! Unless they have a specific "no giving birth on the premises" in the lease lol

I definitely don't see that in the lease anywhere!

I dont see the problem. How would they even know you're giving birth in there unless you say something to them? The only way I could see them finding out is if you scream alot and even then people fight all the time so how would they really know whats going on? If there are people doing homebirths in NYC then for sure they are doing it in apartments. I'm sure you'll be fine.[/b]
I won't say anything to our landlord, and hopefully word won't get back to them. I hope I won't be screaming a lot! I didn't even think about all the ladies having home births in NYC. That makes me feel much more relaxed about it.

Thanks. I'm so excited to be planning my home birth!!
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