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July 5th, 2008, 08:59 AM
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I hope you get your lil' firecracker! That would be wonderful!

How was the glucose/insulin test? And that wonderful drink. I work in a lab, and I have heard terrible things about the drink...and I always feel so bad for those women sitting there for 2-5 hours for their test. Poor people. I would probably pass out from lack of food.

When are you going to get the results back?[/b]

the test was fine its just annoying how you said to be waiting around. the drink isnt that bad to me ive heard so many people complain and its fine for me i drink it super fast LoL im just wierd i guess, and the funny part is that i dont like sweets and that thing is obviously pure sugar and it doesnt bother me...LoL the only thing that happend to me was that I was super nasues after i drank it. I am also lucky that i always go to the lab right by my husbands business so i leave for the hour and go do work at the shop then go back. so atleast its better than just sitting at the lab. The lady says that the results take about 3 days to get to the docs office. so hopefully i should know somthing no later than tht end of next week!!

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