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July 5th, 2008, 04:38 PM
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But I'm almost at the point of using it to describe my feelings towards my in laws!!!!

Ok, it's a long story, but basically, I don't have any contact with my in laws anymore since the boys died DH's family was extremely UNSUPPORTIVE of everything we went through and at the peak of my depression, I just snapped and things haven't gotten any better since then....( just thought I'd add that I've known these people since I was 10 years old and they have always been like family to me, even before DH and I were married....we always had a great relationship and enjoyed spending time together)

It all started about a month after the boys funeral, actually in was 9.11.07 to be exact....I of course was still devastated, to the point of not being able to was bad, I KNOW this, but it was my grief and that's just how it happened to be....

Anyway, long story short-my FIL and I got into a stupid debate over the importance of having smoke detectors in his house (he was using an AC unit that had caught on FIRE just days earlier and both of his granddaughters were living in the house at the time) I told him I thought it was extremely irresponsible and DANGEROUS to be running the AC if you KNOW it can and will catch fire!!!

Anyway, he got pissed that I would question his intelligence (or lack thereof) so he storms out of the room, only to return 30 seconds later and tell me that my boys are better off dead!!

Seriously, I about fell out of my chair!! DH started screaming a cursing like a sailor, he was so livid that I thought he was going to start throwing punches in his Dad's direction......needless to say, I've had very limited contact with ANY members of his family since then....

Well, tonite is my nieces 4th Bday party....I of course didn't attend, but sent the gift with it's not just my choice not to attend..DH's family has made it VERY CLEAR that they don't want me around-but what irks me is that I just got off the phone with DH and he told me some startling news

Ok, my niece's mother is my BIL's EX wife.....she was caught cheating on him with a guy my BIL worked with (LOOONNNGGG story)-anyway, my BIL now lives with my in laws and has shared custody of my niece.....ok, so DH tells me that my niece's mother and her NEW BOYFRIEND and his kids are at the party!!!

***???? Are you serious????? DH's family won't have ANYTHING to do with me because they didn't *agree* with the way *I* grieved the loss of my children, yet they will WELCOME a woman who treated their son like CRAP and embarrassed him in front of his family, friends, and co workers in to their home along with her BOYFRIEND and his kids?????

I'm their son's WIFE for crying out loud!!! I have never done anything like that to DH, yet I am not welcome in their home

It just pisses me off and makes me question if I could EVER let my children interact with such HORRIBLE people!!!!!!

I'm sorry I just HAD to vent....I'm trying to AVOID bringing it up to DH when he gets home
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