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February 24th, 2005, 02:29 PM
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(hugs)I too am going through this. My chances where 1/220 and after an unsucessful 3-D u/s (they couldnt get good pictures of everything baby was on tummy)I had the amnio.They gave me a 50% chance of Downs so I did have amnio.The specialist aka high risk ob does upwards of 100 a month so I felt comfortable having it.U/s only detects 60% of Downs cases where as amnio rules it out at 99.5%.I get my results Monday 2/28.

On an up note with dd#3 had a positive AFP for Trisomony 18 & she is a healthy child no sign of a birth defect. The chances where 1/120 with her.I had amnio with her also.

I total understand your fear of amnio & think it is a personal decision.I would worry more not knowing & feel that would harm the baby more than the amnio.
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Thank you for your reply. About 10% of me wants to have the amnio so I will know for sure. But I have had a rough pregnancy with cramping and several colds this winter so I thought the amnio might not be such a good idea. I will probably talk it over with my OB and see what she says. Thank you for the encouraging stary about your daughter. Most people I know have an AFP horror story that ends well. I keep praying that mine will end the same. I hope the best for you and your baby as well. I would love to know the outcome of your amnio if you are comfortable sharing. Thanks Again!!
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