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July 5th, 2008, 10:09 PM
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*passing the bucket of beating sticks to Brandi* Now go kick some serious [email protected]!

I'm so freaking angry for you right now. That is just absolute BS and I would like to beat the crap out of them for you. How horrible of a thing for them to ever say to you regardless of anger or anything like that. I probably would have hurt them at that time. Asher and Noah are your babies and you and your DH went through a lot with that. I think y'all did the best you could under the circumstances and I admire and commend y'all for that. I couldn't begin to imagine the pain you went through and still experience.

Personally, I wouldn't be okay with my DH going without me because that would just fuel their abilities to exclude you and treat you like that. I'm horrified that they are acting like that. I would discuss it with your husband. Some people just feel that they are entitled to say whatever the heck they want and get by with it. Are you okay with your DH being involved in family activities if you aren't invited or welcome? In my opinion, someone who would ever say something like that about my children would never be welcome around any future children or allowed in my home.


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