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December 29th, 2005, 06:46 PM
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Hi Girls!

Thought I'd introduce myself, quick. My name is Kristin, I'm 24 and a new mommy to my son, Haven (11/4/05). My DH and I recently decided that the best option for our family right now is for me to stay home with Haven, instead of returning to work. I was thinking of finding something simple I could do from home just for my own "something to do". We don't really NEED the extra income in order to stay a float (or i would be returning to work), but extra "fun" money is always a good thing.

My little "business idea" is this...
Custom Photo Albums
... but I don't know if it's a 'viable option' or not. If you'd stop over and take a peek and let me know your thoughts, I'd really appreciate it!

Anyway, I've been looking around the board and have come across a LOT of great ideas and suggestions... so THANKS!! I hope to get to know you all a little better, and offer some input here, myself!
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