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July 8th, 2008, 11:48 AM
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UGGGHHHHHH!!!! My intuitions were RIGHT!!! I have no mature (or even dominant follicles!!!) ***???? I did *5* rounds of 50mg Clomid and O'd everytime! I did *1* round of 100mg and O'd-but they give me 150mg and my OVARIES take a VACATION!!!!

I told the doctor that I'm done, I haven't seen *my doctor* (Dr. Duffy) my last 2 visits (I've seen Dr. Freeman) and after today's appointment, I decided to switch to Dr. Freeman....

During the appt. Dr. Freeman said that I had "other" options such as ovarian drilling that "we could try"...I told him I'm not a science experiment and I want to DO something that has a good chance of getting me pregnant! I told him straight up that *MY* only option as far as I'm concerned is he told me to schedule a reconsult with Dr. Duffy to get the process started! HOWEVER, Dr. Duffy's next available appt. wasn't until the 25th!!!!! So THAT'S why I switched to Dr. Freeman! My reconsult to start IVF is MONDAY !! We will hopefully be able to begin the process right away!!! I'm a little freaked about the money, but DH said we'll worry about that later-also, I know my parents will help us if need be (although I'm not counting on it nor depending on it)

They gave me a printout with a list of meds and procedures along with prices....the estimated total cost is between $10,424 and $10,626
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