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July 8th, 2008, 11:56 AM
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omg wow thats so much to swallow at one time well im soo glad that you can start the consult so soon! I really hope that IVF is exactly what you need!!! the prices for the IVF they gave you is only for 1 cycle? You should ask if they have a "shared risk program" you basically get more than 1 try and then lets say if you dont ever give birth to a healthy baby then you get money back. For me i called the one that my doc is associated with and for 6 cycles, 3 fresh & 3 FET, is $13,750.00 if something happens and I dont concieve or give birth to a healthy baby I get back 70% of that amount.

Well girl I love you lots and please keep us updated!!! I hope everything goes great at your appt.!

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