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July 9th, 2008, 04:58 PM
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Well girls i went in to visit with my doctor this month.. he stated today that if the Vitamin regime does not work.. he wants me to go a RE.. I am kinda sad.. he also stated that IUI is probably not the best road for us.. we did a couple about a year ago back to back.. and nothing.. that is why we took a break...

The doctor thinks that the best road for me to do is IVF.. we have been researching offices around us and little ways away... i have another appointment set up this Friday for the doctor to go over places around us..or further

I know alot of girls here have had IVF done or are doing it...

What do most RE like for you to have done before they even consider IVF for you??? Stuff like tests or treatments.. meds... i am just wanting to know so i dont go in to my OB/GYN and he tells me otherwise.. i trust you girls more than anyone with this stuff!!! We are planning to start the IVF process in the next couple to six months.. I DO NOT WANT TO DO IUI.. my ovaries are copute with out meds.. and femara does not work for me.. CLOMID works.. but it thin my lining too much... I NEED HELP GIRLS!!! i am so new to this stuff.. i have always just done either IUI with Clomid or just Clomid or femara by itself...
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