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July 10th, 2008, 12:08 PM
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GOOD LUCK Kelly!!!

Also, considering I am getting ready to begin this process, can those of you that respond with your IVF experience also give addtionaly details such as age, type of infertility, or any other issues that may have contributed to the success or failure of your IVF???

Thanks!! I'm curious to see some responses!!! [/b]

I am 28, DH is 31

I have a left blocked tube and DH has had some low motility on some SA.

I have never done IVF Kelly but I wanted to say I hope it works for you this time!! Good luck! When is your retrieval?[/b]

If all goes as planned it should be around 7/20.
Kelly and Brian Married May 29, 2005
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DH- 31
TTC since 2/2007
HSG done in 12/2007 and showed blockage of tubes
3/2008- First IVF=BFN
Starting 2ND IVF cycle in June- Hoping for a 2009 Baby!!!!
6/25/08- starting lupron injections
7/7/08- suppression check
7/7/08- start Gonal-F
7/17/08- trigger shot
7/19/08- retrieval (please fertilize eggies): 7/22/08- transferred 2 embies HCG scheduled for 8/4
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