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July 11th, 2008, 12:16 AM
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I was 34 when we first started IVF. I had a blocked tube and DH had some morphology issues. It took us 6 cycles to get preggo. We did 4 fresh and 2 frozen. My RE was unable to figure out why it took us so many tries to get a BFP. On our last cycle we had the embryos go through PGD and discovered that out of 17 embryos, only 3 were genetically normal. All the others had severe chromosomal abnormalities. We put 2 in the freezer in case we needed to find a surrogate and transfered the 3 we had in the freezer from previous cycles as well as the 3rd healthy embryo from the fresh cycle. I swear my DS is the fresh embie we transfered. Knowing that embryo was a boy and was healthy... I'm sure he's the little dude that stuck around! Good luck to you guys!
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