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July 14th, 2008, 10:30 AM
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Well ladies I have been MIA this wkend. I finally got my full AF on Saturday and boyyy did she make an appearance!!! I was cramping horrible!!! I have huge clots coming out of me!! Its soo wierd!

Well I also went in for my CD 3 u/s and have some crappy news!

I thought maybe my cyst on the right ovary had maybe dissolved or bursted since I actually O'd on my own this cycle. Well nope!!! My wonderful, HUGE cyst is still there...and to boot it has a sister on the left ovary that decided to come out!!!

So now i have a cyst on each ovary..whoohoo!

So def. my surgery is still on. Im just so depressed I just keep seeing road block after road block! Im really thinking of just like giving up. Maybe god or whoever is up there is just trying to tell me its not meant to be right now or ever!

anyways I just wanted to thank you all for everything!!! Ill Keep you guys updated! Im waiting for my nurse to call me to see what the doc says about my u/s today

<3 ya!

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