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July 14th, 2008, 08:41 PM
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o def. my surgery is still on. Im just so depressed I just keep seeing road block after road block! Im really thinking of just like giving up. Maybe god or whoever is up there is just trying to tell me its not meant to be right now or ever!

WRONG!!! It's just crappy luck!! If G*d was up there telling people they couldn't have babies it would be crack addicts and child abusers!!! You'll get your baby your just going to have to work at it harder than most. ALL of us will, and all of us are here to support you when your in the dumps!

I know you'll get your baby some day!!!! Try to hold your chin up and tell you'll get your baby one day!!! Some days it's the only thing that holds me together *knowing* one day I WILL be a mommy!
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