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July 18th, 2008, 12:03 PM
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<div align="center">The Birth of Kayori Reighlynn</div>

Wednesday morning I felt sick and did not want to go to work, but I went anyways. I had no idea that I would be having my baby. I was feeling like it would be atleast 2 more days. At 12:15pm I was sitting on the floor and I got a phone call from my sister. She said "I take it your still pregnant since you never called me back last night" and I said "yes, and I feel like crap" She asked "have you had any contractions?" and I said "not really." We hung up and I stood up to put the phone away. I felt a pop, and I was thinking oh thats not good, and I hurried to the bathroom, then water started coming out. My water had broke. I ran out of the bathroom to tell everyone. My water just kept coming every few minutes. I called James and told him the news. He was on his lunch at home and was about to leave back to work. He was so excited. So he called work and said he would not be coming back. I called my midwife and she said she had an appointment at 2:30pm and was going to come after that unless I felt the need for her to be there sooner. Amara's birth was alittle over 24 hours long, so we thought we had a little while still. I had no contractions for about an hour. Then all the sudden they started coming 8 minutes apart and were pretty painful. I tried to call my midwife and found out that my internet and phone was not working. So James had to leave me and Amara and go to my parents house to get there cell phone. During that time my contractions switched to 5 minutes apart. James got back with the phone. I called my midwife and she said she was on her way. My sister showed up right after that. My contractions quickly went to 3 minutes apart. My midwife had called back and told me a nurse was on her way over and would be here shortly. My midwife also said to start filling the pool with buckets if I wanted to use it, because she had the hose. So my sister started filling the pool. The nurse showed up maybe 20 minutes later. The nurse wanted to check me to see how far I was, and I told her no. I new I was so close, but I did not want to know how close I was, because I wanted my pool. It was getting hard to sit on the couch. I kept feeling pressure. I kept thinking to myself, wait a little longer. Then my contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart so she told me to go to the other couch and lay down so she could check me, so I let her. It felt good to get up, but it was hard to sit down again. I laid down and she said I was between a 9 and a 10, I only had a tiny lip left. I told her I wanted to get in the water. She said it should be deep enough. It was almost 1 foot deep. I got in and felt better right away. Although I wish it could have been deeper. She checked me again and said the lip is still there, and to just breath through the next few contractions. So through my next 2 contractions I tried to just breath and let my body push the baby down. That was a hard thing to do. I wanted to push so bad, but I new I would tear. Then all the sudden I felt a burning and alot of pressure and told her I had to push, and she said go for it. After about 3 pushes she was out. I just held my baby for a few minutes. We did not even know the sex yet. We then checked her, and found out she was a girl. We were so happy. I tried to nurse her and she was not interested yet. I just held her. Then my contractions started up again. After 2 of them I pushed the placenta out. Because my midwife was not there yet we did not have the stuff to cut the cord. About 5 muntes after the birth James got a shoe lace and some scissors and the nurse cut the cord. I was alittle upset. She did not even ask if James wanted to cut it. James did not mind at all, but he cut Amara's cord and I wanted him to cut Kayori's too. You could tell she did not do home births much. She reminded me of the nurses I had when I had Amara. She was very nervous too, I don't know if she has delivered a baby by herself before.

My midwife showed up about 15 minutes after the baby was born. I had already gotten out of the pool and was lying on the couch to see if I had tore. My midwife looked at me and said I did not tear. I was so happy. We then weighed and measured her. She was 8lbs 1oz and 19.5" long. All the sudden I started having very bad contractions. I kept pushing out huge clots and was losing alot of blood. My midwife wanted to give me some pitocin and I said I wanted to wait and see if it stopped. I nursed Kayori at this time. The clots kept getting bigger. She checked me to see if I had any clots holding open my cervics. And I did. She pushed on my stomach and got alot more clots and blood out. She then told me she wanted me to have some pitocin, as I was loosing to much blood. So I said ok. My contractions got to be alot easier and I slowly stopped losing so much blood. My midwife wanted to fix me a clean place to lay down and wanted me to try and go to the bathroom. So James helped me walk to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and they cracked the door open to listen for me. I couldn't go to the bathroom, but I wanted to try some more. Then the nurse came in and told me to come lay down and I could try again in a minute. Then all the sudden everyone was around me and asking if I was ok. I said I am fine, and they said no you aren't. You just passed out. I was so confused. They were putting cold water on my neck and face. And snapped that horrible smelling stuff under my nose. I was finally awake enough to go lay down. After I was feeling a little better my midwife and nurse decided to leave for some dinner and so we could have some company. I was told not to get up until the get back. When they got back I tried to go to the bathroom again and couldn't. I got very dizzy again. They snapped more of that stuff under my nose. I did not pass out that time, but I was really out of it. So they took me back to lie down. I had been drinking lots of liquids since I had the baby and I was finally starting to feel a little better. They decided to go home at 10:15pm. I was told to walk as little as possible and to have James right by my side. After they left I went to the bathroom again and was actually able to go, and I did not get dizzy. Things started getting better after that.

Kayori is doing great. She is nursing really well. Amara was by my side through the whole birth. She did so great. I was really surprised. It was a great birth. It was everything I wanted. I am in love with my new baby.

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