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July 19th, 2008, 08:21 PM
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Well the nurse at the doctor's office got my results wrong.. my Progestrone was actually only .7 worse than ever!!! So I oing to have to have surgery... I am having an HSG done on 8/1 at 2 pm But the my doctor is not charging us at all because of the mix up! this is the second time this has happened.. it was with a blood pregnancy tests about 3months ago.. I was so pissed off when i went in for my consult and i told my doctor what i had been told about my Progestone being 51... he was so embrassed I think he actually fired her too!!! I could here him talking with her... it was bad.. but here we were thinking we could possibly be pregnant.. AND that I had actually did really good with the vitamins.. so know I am being put on Clomid 50 mg again.. and 1000mg of Metaformin.. then the surgery.. and i have an ultrasound on CD13.. if i had a good lining and good mature follicles i am going to be doing injections this cycle.. the doctors office is not charging me for the meds either!!! So i all i get charged for is the $700 the hospital charges for the surgery and my recovery and the anethesia!!! I am going to need this for my IVF doctor anyways!!! BTW i still have not started my period!!! i am worried I wont.. so the doctor told me if i dont start in a week to come in and have a blood pregnancy test.. just be safe.. and he will give me provera to start my period!!
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