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July 20th, 2008, 08:27 AM
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It is really easy. It comes prefilled and all you do is tap the air bubble to the top and push the plunger just enough to get the air out and see a tiny drip of fluid at the tip of the needle. Clean the area on your belly where you are going to inject with an alcohol swab. I always let it air dry for a few seconds so that the alcohol doesn't sting when the needle goes in. Squeeze the area of skin around where you are going to inject. Then in one quick motion stick the needle into your belly...quick but not super hard! Don't go slow because that will hurt more and you will have to use more pressure to get it through that top layer of skin. When you go through that layer of skin is really the only part you may feel the pinch. Then push the plunger slowly to avoind burning. Once you get all the meds in hold the syrynge in place for a few seconds before you withdrawl the needle. It can be really nerve wracking before you do it for the first time but once you do it you will think it is a piece of cake! Good luck!

ETA: (oh and yes, my RE's nurse showed me in the office how to do it too )
Michelle, I am sure IF you have to do it next time you will be a pro too!
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