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July 23rd, 2008, 03:09 PM
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My birth story!
On Thursday, 7/17, 2 days after my due date…I started to feel very mild contractions starting at about 6:00 PM…they were very mild though but some were coming even closer and closer together. Despite the fact that I was induced and had an epi with my son, my labor was still very fast for him so I was told by my midwives that when contractions were 10 min apart for 1 hour to call them and go in to the hospital. Some of the contractions were 10 min apart some even closer…but they were quite irregular and very easy. They were just enough to kind of make me sit (or stand) still for a few seconds but then I would feel fine. I thought for sure this was a good sign and that FINALLY I may be dilating. A week prior at my midwife appt. I was not dilated at all and 50% effaced. I was excited to go to my next midwife appt on Friday because I thought for sure these contractions HAD to be doing something! The contractions lasted all night long…but I could often sleep through them but felt them whenever I got up to go to the bathroom. Friday morning, 7/18, 3 days past my due date, I got up and started timing the contractions…they were a little stronger and getting closer together. Now maybe 12 min apart…some 8 min…then some 20 min. So they were still quite irregular. I went to my midwife appt. then at 2:00 pm and my mom came with me. She was excited to hear that I was finally feeling something! My appt. started with a BPP (bio physical profile u/s) so they could check the babies movement and size as well as the fluid level. All was normal with that…very cool to see my baby girl and got some cool pictures. The u/s tech said baby girl still had not dropped and that she would guess she weighs 8 lbs 6 oz. I then had my midwife appt immediately following where she did an internal exam…and again…not dilated at ALL and still only 50% effaced! I was so disappointed! No change since a week prior. I asked her about my contractions and showed her the sheet where I was timing them and she wouldn’t look at it and told me to throw it away…that I don’t need to track them until they are AT LEAST 10 min apart for 1 hour and that they are still a good sign but just likely practice contractions. So annoying! She then wanted a NST test done. The test was 20 min long and I had one contraction during the test…and it felt like the strongest contraction yet. But when my midwife looked over the report she said it was a mild spike and they would be MUCH stronger than that and I would just know when they are real contractions.
She then scheduled me for my next appt for Monday 7/21 and ordered another BPP for Thursday 7/24 and confirmed my induction for 7/29. I told her I don’t plan to make it to those appointments because I should already have a baby by then! She laughed and told me “well there is a full moon tonight and stranger things have happened!” haha…little did she know!
So Dave and I decided we would go see Batman at 7:45 pm and my parents agreed to watch our son…our last big date before the new baby! We went out to dinner and during dinner I felt about 3 really strong contractions. Each one felt stronger than the next. I would also feel an intense urge to pee during them…and would try to go pee but nothing would come out…it was just a lot of pressure on my bladder. We went to the movie and during it I had about 8 contractions that were strong enough that I had to close my eyes and try to relax while I squeezed the heck out of Dave’s hand! The movie was great and then we had to drive to get my son at my parent’s house and then drive 45 min to get home. I felt really strong contractions the whole time…but still not spaced apart regularly yet. By the time we got home it was 11:30. We got ready for bed and by 12 midnight the contractions were so strong that I could walk or talk through them. The 2nd one I felt like that, Dave put really hard pressure on my lower back and that felt so much better. We tried to go to bed…and I would JUST fall asleep and then be woken up 10 min later to another contraction and Dave would immediately press really hard on my lower back. They were so strong and really hurt! I used my hypnobabies techniques to relax in between them and to help with my breathing during them…but I could not get into deep relaxation during the contractions because I had to be standing and leaning over for Dave to press on my back. This went on from midnight until 2:00 am….where finally I told Dave I couldn’t take it anymore and he needed to call my midwife. By then the contractions were 10 min apart and some were even 8. We had to call the after-hours number and they then paged the midwife that was on call that night…it just so happened to be the one I was hoping for! (there are 4 of them with the practice I go to.) She called me back right away and I tried to answer the phone but just as I started talking to her I had to hand the phone to Dave because a contraction started. They were getting so strong and so intense that I felt the baby was going to fall out! I then talked to her after the contraction passed and she said that I should head into the hospital and that she would meet me there. I told her we wouldn’t be able to leave for 45 min because we had to wait for my best friend to get there to stay with our son. She told me to just try to get there as soon as possible. I called my BFF and just said “time to come over!” She said “ok, I’m on my way” and that was it! I called my parents because my mom was going to be in the delivery room with Dave and I. I then decided to try to take a shower to relax but still couldn’t and Dave had to lean in to the shower and press on my lower back during a contraction and got all wet! He then realized they were getting to be about 5 min apart and we needed to get to the hospital and fast! So he called my parents back and said not to go directly to the hospital but to come to our house because we couldn’t wait for my BFF to get there. My dad could then stay with our son until BFF got there and my mom could come with us. My parents got there shortly after 3:00 am. Dave loaded the bags in the car but had to be interrupted several times when I would scream for him that I need him to press on my back. He was so good! He was so reassuring and so sweet. My mom, Dave and I all got in the car and I sat in the front seat and Dave drove. Twice on the 15 min drive to the hospital I had to scream for Dave to pull over and he would reach over and press on my back.
When we got to the hospital it was 3:25 am. The check in clerk could tell I didn’t have any time to spare and that I needed to get to L&D right away! My mom parked the car and brought all of our stuff up. Right away I was taken back to triage and they wanted me to undress so they could check me but I had a very strong contraction right then and had to moan through it while of course Dave pressed on my back. The nurse told Dave the 2nd the contraction ends he needs to help get my clothes stripped off and the gown on and get on the bed right away before the next one. She then checked and I was dilated to a 6! She then asked if I planned to get an epi and I told her “no, no drugs at all”…and she just sighed and said “ok, no drugs” and made a face like I was crazy!
I was then wheeled to the private labor room…didn’t get the one with the Jacuzzi tub but there wouldn’t have been enough time to even fill it! I was checked in and in my room by 3:30 am. My midwife was there and waiting for me. There were about 3 nurses in the room and I heard a few of them say “is she really going without any drugs?” Like it was the first time they ever had anyone want a natural birth! They put two wireless monitors on me. My midwife asked if I wanted my water broken and I told her I didn’t think so and then she told me that she could tell I was having very intense strong contractions and that by breaking my water, the whole thing would progress much quicker. Seemed I was going quick enough on my own but I agreed. She checked and I was about an 8 when she broke my water. I was expecting to feel a gush but didn’t feel anything. My midwife suggested they raise the bed and that I stand and lean over the bed on my forearms while Dave massaged my lower back. With my first contraction in that position, I felt a big gush and warm water running down my legs. That felt better but I would also feel instense pelvic pressure with each contraction. In between a contraction Dave ran over and tried to start my hypnobabies CD…as soon as it started I said “I don’t think I can listen to that…and I feel like telling that lady to shut the F*&^ up!” I can’t believe I said that in front of my mom! Everyone laughed and Dave turned it off right away. The contractions were starting to make my knees weak and shaky and I didn’t think I could stand any longer. So they raised just the back of the bed up and I kneeled backwards on the bed and hung over the back of it. After just a few minutes of that I could feel the baby moving further down and I yelled that she was going to fall out! My midwife told me I could push her out like that or I needed to roll on to my back and I could push her out while sitting up. I rolled over, with lots of help because I felt like I could barely move. The contractions were so close together that I couldn’t tell where one ended and the other started. My midwife helped to stretch my perineum and told me to just push when I felt the urge. I started pushing and it felt so intense I thought I was going to die! I started to breathe too fast and screamed really loud. She told me to slow down my breathing and just moan and low “ahhhh” sound as I push my baby out like I was having a bowel movement. That really helped. I was having a hard time holding a push and I could feel the baby’s head move down and then back up as I would stop pushing. My midwife then told me she could see her hair and I just need to push and then she would tell me when to stop so she could guide her head out. I told my midwife that “if you can see her head, then pull her out!” She laughed and said “if only it was that easy!” I pushed and then felt the ring of fire as they say! Wow that was quite the burning! With the next push she was out!
She was born at 4:17 am on 7/19 weighing 7 lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long. She was (and is!) perfect! We had only gotten to the hospital at 3:30 am! I only pushed for 7 min. Felt like a lot longer though! My baby was immediately placed on my chest and started crying on her own. Dave helped me pull down my gown so we could be skin to skin. She was actually pretty clean when she came out and one of the nurses even said that she doesn’t need much cleaning and wiping….but to rub her because she was a bit purple. Dave cut the cord after it was done pulsating and I then naturally birthed the placenta about 10 min later. I had a small tear that needed stitching. That hurt! I hated that part but at least I was holding my baby girl and she was already nursing! I was on cloud 9! We were then given about 1.5 hours just to ourselves in the room and they turned down the lights. It was so peaceful and relaxing and I just nursed and nursed my baby girl and just smiled! My mom kept going on about how proud she was of me! Dave then was feeding me fruit and some little chicken salad pita bread things that they had brought in for me. We didn’t get any resistance about refusing the eye ointment or the Vit K shot. I was very happy about that. We all couldn’t believe that I was holding my baby but just hours before at my appt. was told that I wasn’t dilated and that she wasn’t likely coming out anytime too soon. Guess it really was that full moon!
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