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July 24th, 2008, 03:55 PM
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My baby boy is here

Baby Scott was a planned induction at 38w even due to me having gestational diabetes. My DD Kaylie, my 1st born, was delievered via c-section in 2005 b/c she was Franks Breech so Scott was also a VBAC baby. I only mention this b/c it made his birth that much more amazing!

My OB is a wonderful man but very conservative. I first mentioned the VBAC idea to him around 30 weeks. He listened to me and asked about my DD c-section. Since I never went into labor with her (scheduled c-section) and he is the one who did the c-section he decided to let me try a VBAC as long as I was ok with him doing a c-section the second he felt it was time. My 1st c-section was great that I agreed.

So at 8am DH, DD and I got to the hospital and went right to L&D. My day nurse, Jennifer, was GREAT! She hooked me up to an IV for fluids and got my pitocin started. Since I was a previous c/s patient she went very easy with the pitocin. The hospital is a great hospital with a level III NICU but VBAC's are very rare there so everyone was on eggshells with me. At that time I also learned I was Group B Strep + so I got my IV antibiotics also.

At my 1st check of the day I was already a 1cm! I was very excited!!! I was already a 10th of the way there and had just started. My contractions were perfect and about every 2 minutes apart. They were very mild like period cramps. Scott was doing great and Jennifer, my nurse, was teasing that out of the 10 women laboring on her floor I was her A+ patient and Scott was her A+ baby

So at 10:30am my OB came to visit for the 1st time that day. After 2 & 1/2 hours of labor I was a whopping 1&1/2 cm BOO! My doc stretched me to a 2cm and broke my waters. That was no fun! But he needed my labor to start moving and would not allow my pitocin to be turned up...again walking on eggshells.

My time line kinda gets fuzzy at this point. Contractions without a bag of waters hurt! They were still bearable but by 11:30 DH and DD had gotten back to the hospital after having breakfast and DD was very nervous about seeing me in the hospital bed with stuff hooked up to me. At my next check I was 3cm and thinning very well but Scott was still very high and had no interest in coming down. My contractions were also starting to catch my breath and I found myself closing my eyes and going inward to get through them. This is when I asked for my epi.

I had an epi with my c/s from DD so I knew what to expect. It was no big thing and much easier this time since I had the contractions to distract me from the needle work going on behind me. And my nurse Jennifer was right with me talking me through it all.

After my epi I felt much better! I could still move my legs and could feel my belly ball up with the contractions but was not feeling any pain. Good stuff! But my epi did cause my contractions to slow down. This time my OB did allow for the pitocin to be turned up just a little.

Well my progression was still slow and Scott was described as a floating baby...that means that he was not applying pressure to my cervix b.c he was so high. My nurse had me flip from laying on my left to laying on my right to sitting up in bed every 1/2 hour to get Scott to move down. I think the next time I was checked was just around 2pm or so and was only a 4-5cm. Good progress but baby was still high. My OB told me he was not ruling out a c-section but that he would let me labor a little longer and see how it went.

My epi had started to wear off and I was feeling pain again so I was re-dosed...and then took a nap b/c that stuff makes you sleepy! I felt like I had a drink or two in me and I was slurring my words The nap was good! DD refused to leave my side so we all watched Finding Nemo and rested. It was really nice having my family around me. DH hung out in the waiting room most of the time with our parents, keeping them out of my hair, but DD stayed in the room with me as did my sister who is 15. I was in the room while she (my sister) was being born and it was great birth control so I wanted her there with me. I am glad she agreed to hang out while I labored.

Around 7:30pm I was only a 6cm so my doc went home to have dinner and said he would call in an hour or two and if I had not made progress he was going to call it a day and I was going to have a c/s. My epi was re-dosed and all I could do is keep flipping sides and praying that DS would come down! And to add to my disappointment my nurse Jennifer was getting off duty I was feeling pretty down. I just prayed that my son would be born safe. That is all I really cared about.

My new nurse came in to meet me. She was younger...maybe my age and very pregnant! We got to talking and she was due in September with a little girl. I ended up really liking her! She would say things that comforted me like "I am just praying" or "God knows". She really seemed to care about me and my son as well as my VBAC being successful. FYI new nurse is Candice.

So Candice was really nice and I swear she was a cheerleader in HS! Which was wonderful at the end of the day. Again time gets fussy for me here. I started to feel some pressure in my bottom and I mentioned it to Candice so she checked me 10pm and was at a 10 and fully effaced!!! YAY! Scott was still a little high but no problem b/c Candice thought I could push him down. Everyone was shocked that I dialted so fast! Including me!!! I had joked that 21 is my lucky number so I really wanted it to be Scott's birthday...I think this may have had something to do with it. In fact on all our hospital bands 7/22/08 is scribbled out and the second 2 was made a one thought I was going to deliver that night.

So as soon as we found out I was ready to push the room went into transformer mode the bottom of my bed was detached and my very pregnant nurse Candice went carrying it away...I yelled at her and told her not to lift anything else heavy and to put my DH to work if she needed anything. She thought that was funny. Another nurse came in (the pedi nurse) and set up Scott's table and another nurse got my OB's table ready. I made sure not to look at the tools on the table...somethings I just don't very need to know, KWIM. And then the BIG Hollywood lights came on. You could hardly recognize the room. It was cool how fast it all happened.

My doctor lives about 15 minutes away from the hospital so I joked that I was going to get Scott out before he got there...the nurses asked that I not do that but got a good giggle out of it. I started to push around 10:30pm. It was the coolest thing every! My legs were very heavy from my epi and I did not feel pain. But I could feel my belly ball up with each contraction. Pushing was hard at first b/c I was so numb but the nurse would put her fingers in me to push out and that really helped me focus my pushes and I got good at it.

DH was holding my left leg and watching everything. He was so amazed! It was his job to count to 10 when I pushed but he kept getting distracted so I just pushed until I was out of worked. I was really nice my while labor but I did threaten to kick Jim in the head (my exact words) b/c he kept grabbing the back of my left hand when he was holding my leg for me. The back of my left hand is where my IV was and I could feel that! That was the most painful part of labor But DH got a clue and did not do it again.

By the time my OB got there Scott was starting to crown. But I needed help with the vacuum b/c I was having a hard time getting Scott to pass my pubic bone. He would come down and then go back up. But pushing really was amazing! I only had to push for about 6 contractions or so and then was told to stop b/c Scott's head was out! I had no idea!!! The doctor did the rest from there. Scott was born at 11:13pm. His nose and mouth were sectioned and he was pulled half way out and my doctor was making him wave to neat! Then Ob cut the cord and Scott grabbed on to the handle of the scissors and would not let go. And then he was put on my chest and I just lost it! I was completely in love with my son! I cried and prayed and thanked God for this beautiful child.

I know Scott cried but I don't remember hearing it. Everything just went in slow motion. When I had my DD via c-section she was taken and cleaned up and then given to DH but with Scott he was right there in my arms. It was surreal to have this little child go from my body to my arms. It is something I will never forget. I just held him and looked at him and he looked at me.

After Scott and I got to bond a little he was dried off and assessed. His apgar was 9/9. Then DH got to hold him a little and then he was back in my arms.

I had tore a little inside and my doctor gave me a small cut to give Scott room to come out. So my doctor was busy stitching me up but I got to hold Scott while of this was going on. I was numb so I could not feel any of it. But even if I could have I don't think I would have cared b/c I had my little boy in my arms.

Once my doctor was done quilting my back side my DD got to come in the room and meet her brother. She thought he was "good" (her words) but I think she was more relived that I was alright. For a 3 year old she was very stressed about my well being. She came and sat on the bed with me and we just cuddled. The birth of my son and the love of my daughter just made everything feel right with the world.

Candice my wonderful cheerleader nurse was so happy for us. She told me I was her 1st successful VBAC and that she felt pretty proud. She also admitted that she thought I was going to be a doctor later admitted the same thing. Guess that did not realize what happens once I get an idea in my head

So now I have had a c-section and a VBAC...both were amazing births! My VBAC just amazed me and what my body was built to do. I feel more womanly now than I ever have. But at the end of the day I have 2 beautiful healthy children and that is what matters more to me anything. If I would have ended up with a 2nd c-section I would have been fine with that but I am sure glad that was able to experience a vaginal delivery. I feel privileged.

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