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July 25th, 2008, 02:39 AM
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Hi im new around here but we grew our family through fostering and then adoption.
We have one biological child and 4 adopted ones. Two sets of siblings.
We started fostering about 5 years ago without the intention of adopting. Our first two placements were long term placements and after loosing the first one and being heart broken we almost hung up our hat. But God had other plans for us. He knew that our two boys- Ricky and Steve were about to need a permanent home. Although we were heart broken, we muddled on.
A few short months later, it was time to decide permanancy for our boys. After 15 months in our home, their biological family finally stepped up and offered to take them. We of course were more than willing but let the courts decide on what was best. The judge decided that the boys were more stable being with us that they had been with for 15 months instead of going to family they didnt know. But we still had a long road to hoe....We got the severance in July of 2006 but still had appeals to go through and for by the Grace of God all appeals were over turned and we were able to finalize our adoption in September of 2007. 3 years and 10 months after having them placed in our home.

Our second adoption was also all in God's plan because so far as we knew we were not done fostering but we were done adding to our own family. In September of 2006 we got a call asking if we could have placement for a 2 yo and 1 yo sister and brother. We said yes. They were coming from a foster home where they had been abused. We again were not planning on adopting them. For one thing, they are native american and we are not and we had already lost a little girl (our first placement) because we were not NA. We worked very closely with their birth mom on trying to reunify the family. Birth mom was working extremely hard. But as the birth of her 3rd child got closer and closer, she realized that she couldnt take care of the 3 of them by herself and asked us to adopt the two older ones. We thought long and hard because it was never something that we had even considered. We agreed to adopt them only if the tribe was going to stay out of it. We were mentally and emotionally exhausted after having gone through the case of loosing the first little girl and then also our first adoption. We didn't know if we emotionally had the strength to do it. God told us that he would give us the strength, and he did. He also moved our obstacles and made the road ahead clear as daylight. Mom was only willing to reliquish her rights providing that we were the adoptive placement and the judge ruled that the tribe either had to leave the case or take jurisdiction over. They choose to get out of the case and we were able to move forward. We finalized in May of 2008.

We have hung up our fostering hat for the moment. Our hearts are still in it but we don't feel like we are in a place atm to continue. We need to take some time for our family. Although we have all been living together since 2006, making it final and making it real changes things and we need time to settle into those new roles.
I am hoping someday to foster teen girls.

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