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July 28th, 2008, 07:13 AM
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Sarah- thanks for the encouragement sweetie! I hope next cycle goes really well for us too.

Bobbie- I soooooooo wanted to keep going. I kept asking my nurse was there ANYTHING that can be done. At this point, we'd welcome multiples too LOL. I totally think they are more concerned with keeping their stats with multiple births low because of their reputation. You know how some clinics are. Heck, I was praying for at least 3 eggies to give me better odds.
I do hope some of them mature and release anyway because several were more than halfway there anyway. I've heard that when you have that much momentum it's kind of difficult to slow them all down, but I don't know. I'm just not sure how all of it works without a trigger.
Jun 06-Dec 06: TTC au naturale. OPK's, BBT's, Ovulex, Vitex= No O.
Dec 06: Official PCOS dx. Duhh!!
Jan 07: Provera, 50 mg Clomid = No O.
Feb-Mar 07: 100 mg Clomid= Late O, but BFN.
Apr 07: 100 mg Clomid + Met 1000mg = Late O, but BFN.
May 07: 150 mg Clomid + Met 1000mg = No O.
July 07: 150 mg Clomid + Met 1000mg = No O.
Aug 07: 200 mg Clomid= No O.
Sep 07- Nov 07: On a TTC Break.
Dec 07: Gonal-f and IUI cycle = BFN
March 08: Waiting to start IVF, but O'd on my own after weight loss!!!!
April 08: TTC with clomid 100 mg= BFN....but happy I o'd again!!!
June 08: Consult with RE to start Gonal-F and IUI cycle.
July 08; Gonal-f and IUI cycle=Cancelled. Too many follies. E2 too high.

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