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August 1st, 2008, 05:22 PM
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On Tuesday 7/29 at 37wks and 5 days, I’d had an acupuncture treatment at 5pm to start labor due to pre-eclampsia. I hadn’t felt anything since we’d left the office, so I was preparing to drink castor oil in the morning. I started having contractions at around 10:30pm. I drank a quart of iced RRLT, not extra strong just my usual strength and tried to watch tv.

After a few mild contractions and suddenly I realized that we had no groceries and I decided that we would NEED groceries if we were gonna have a baby that night (midwife and doula to feed and all that). So I called up my girlfriend to find out if she was available to take us to the 24 grocery store. She didn’t answer but called me back and at around 11:45pm she, Brian and I headed for the store. I called the midwife and doula on the way just to let them know I was in early labor. We shopped for about an hour. While there I was having contractions, some strong enough to stop me in my tracks.

We arrived home about 1am and shortly after Brian started filling the pool. My water broke with a pop at around 1:30am while I tried to rest on the couch and the contractions immediately got stronger and more regular. After a few really tough contractions on the toilet, I climbed into the almost full tub at around 1:45 and told Brian to call mw and doula and tell them to come NOW! The water felt good but I was nearing transition. Brian was trying to help me manage contractions (holding and massaging me), lighting candles and otherwise setting up for the birth. I felt like I needed to poop at one point and went back to the bathroom. I realized then that I could NOT handle contractions on land even though they still hurt in the water. I got back in the water for good. I hit full transition a little after 2, complete with shaking and overall panicking, thankfully the doula arrived then (about 2:25am) because Brian was running out of ideas. At this point I told Bri to call my mom and tell her to come NOW. She took right over helping me with contractions and at one point I even asked her if this was transition, lol. I started feeling like I needed to push a few minutes after the doula got there. The mw wasn’t there yet, so I tried to hold off. There was no stopping the pushing though, so I pushed through the contractions while we waited for her. My mom and the mw arrived at about 2:40am. My mw told me to keep on pushing and tried to use the Doppler but I couldn’t be still enough so she just felt around. Brian had taken over labor support and I was howling and screaming on my knees while leaning over the edge off the pool with my face buried in his stomach. I asked the mw if the head was out, since I thought I had made some progress she said not yet but she could feel it. I guess this motivated me since I did not like pushing. I know some people say that it is a relief. Well not me, it hurt a great deal and I wanted it over with! I pushed out her entire body out with the next contraction.

She let out a few yelps immediately and then just stared at everyone and everything. I am still in awe of her beauty. I tore slightly, but my midwife said no stitches were needed. Otherwise, she is a sleepy nurser, but learning fast. I thought our lives were whole and now I realize we were missing this little girl.


Birth Date: 7/30/08
Total Labor: 4.5 hrs
Name: Natalie Frances
Weight/Height: 6lbs, 15oz / 20 in.


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