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March 1st, 2005, 10:56 AM
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I am on bed rest also. It has been 9 weeks so far, they put in an emergency cerclage when I was 19 weeks pregnant. I am 28 weeks tomorrow and hoping to make it as close to 40 weeks as possible! I should be taken off bedrest in 8 weeks when they remove the cerclage and my peri thinks I will go into to labor then. I'm sure by now you have found things to keep you busy. I got a netflix subscription and we moved my computer to my nightstand. Unfortunately I don't have a laptop which would be alot easier and more comfy. I also have read countless pregnancy books and know way too much about everything pregnancy. I have moved on to baby care, now that my edd is getting closer. I really want to learn cross stitch or knitting but don't feel confident in teaching myself. Sorry so long!
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