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March 1st, 2005, 11:31 AM
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Well Crista doesn't like to stop playing to eat. Does this sound like your son? What I do with her most of the time is put her plate of food on her tray on the living room floor. She plays and stops and takes bites now and then. I know shes hungry because sometimes she'll ask me for cookies or something and I tell her not until shes finished with her dinner. She usually finishes her food after that. If not, then she doesn't get anything else and I always warn her that when I say its bedtime, she is NOT going to get anything else to eat.. so she either eats the food now, or she doesn't get anything. I leave the plate down until her bedtime and I always give her penty or warnings that its almost bedtime and shes not going to get anything to eat if she doesn't finish her dinner. A lot of times she'll just go to bed without dinner and I figure she just isn't hungry. I know its frustrating tho cause I worry shes not getting enough. But like you said you already know... sometimes it seems they dont eat enough to stay alive and other times you cant feed them fast enough!
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