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August 7th, 2008, 05:49 AM
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My story is a long one. I found out I was pregnant on January 21 with an at home pregnancy test. My test was confirmed at the doctors a few days later. We were so happy! (this was our first baby)

A few months into the pregnancy I started spotting. All ultrsounds showed nothing wrong, the doctors could not tell me why I was bleeding. I was ordered to complete bed rest. I left work on sick leave. Things seemed to be getting better until early June, when I started cramping really badly and bleedling profusely. I also lost my mucous plug. I immediagtely went to my gyn who said that it was not my mucous plug. I went home feeling worried and knowing that something was wrong. Low and behold a few days later I started having bad contractions and bleeding became even worse. I went to the hospital and they said that I was indeed having contractions and the ultrasounds showed that I had lost most of my water (IT WAS MY MUCOUS PLUG THAT I HAD LOST A FEW DAYS EARLIER, GOD I HATE MY DOCTOR!!!) I was admitted to the hospital on June 6th and was given steroid shot to speed up the baby's lung growth. I was told I would remain in the hospital until the baby was born, whenever that was. I was also told that there were no level 3 neonatal intensive care beds available in Ontario and was told that there was a bed open in Chicago and that I would be air lifted there. I did not want to be separated from my family at this point (I was extremely scared) so I took a chance and said I'd wait another few days for a hospital in Canada. On June 9th they found me a bed in a Toronto hospital and immediately my contractions became worse and about 4-5 minutes apart. They rushed me to the new hospital. My contractions subdued for a few hours. On June 10th about 1:00 AM the contractions came even worse and I was dialted to 4 cm. They rushed me to the OR because the baby was breach and I required an emergency c-section. In the OR they gave me a spinal tap which didnt work, so they then tried to give me an epideral which also didnt work, it wasnt numbing me as fast as i was dialating. They had to put me to sleep (after i protested for about 15 minutes because i was extremely scared, I DO NOT LIKE BEING PUT TO SLEEP!!!). I finally gave in and at about 2:30 AM Little Hughie Jr. was born. He weighed 795 grams!!. He wasnt responding, and neither was I . We lost all our vital signs also I lost over a litre of blood. They were able to get us going again. They put hughie on a ventialtor which damaged his lungs. They then switched him to a differnt type of vent. His lungs collapsed twice in the first month, he also has had 4 blood transfusions (because premature babies blood cells dont mature as fast as ours do). After the surgery the doctor told me I had an almost complete placental abruption and that is why I was bleeding that hole time. He said that sometimes ultrasounds will not show an abruption, especially if it is behind the placenta.

In the first month and a half, hughie reuired a high amount of oxygen. He had a pic line in his arm to his heart. He had a pneumonia and a lung infection!.

I am glad to say now that he is doing much better. His oxygen reuirments have decreased from 80 % down to 30 %. He now weighs almost 4 lbs!! He's even begining to get a personality. He's such a good baby. He never cries!!! Hes just the cutest and I thank god that he is here. Evertime I look at him now I cant believe I wated so long to have children. Everyone count your blessings and be grateful for what you do have and never take anything for granted! In the first few days after his birth I was feeling so ######ed sorry for myself and him. I felt cheated and I felt like I had lost something even though he was still with us. I felt cheated out of everything, baby shower, a normal pregnancy....I quickly snapped out of that mode when I realized my energy should be spent on my son and helping him get better with prayer and doing little things for him like praying alot! And never under estimate the power of prayer. I used to be a non believer but now I believe!


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