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August 7th, 2008, 01:46 PM
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I just got a call from my mom telling me my grandmother passed away in her sleep today. Im heading out the door as we speak. im crushed and hurt like no tomorrow. I got a hold of Dwayne hes on his way home, i cant drive right now. the tears are flowing. We have to get my mom to, as my dad is outta town. My grandmother was suffering from thyroid cancer. She only meet Makenna once, and thats killing me inside, im beating myself up over that, i feel like a bad granddaughter! im not sure when i will be back, i hope my grandfather is ok. they have been married for 50+ years. My grandparents raised me from birth till i was 4. my parents were in a bad scene. they have always been my everything. im heart broken i dont know what to think.

Bobbie, im glad u made it to the doctors, n you get to see bubba! Love ya girl! make sure you take care of yourself..

Kalis, u hope Thea is doing good, you are in my thoughts n prayers! God bless you beautiful bundle.

Dee, i hope everything goes great at you appointment. i hope Katie is growing!!

For all you girls, keep the babies safe...give in to those cravings. Rub those bellies and know you are truly blessed.

Love ya all!!

Heres a picture of my grandma with Makenna, i didnt take the pic my mother did, and my grandma has a funny face..LOL


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