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August 7th, 2008, 04:21 PM
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when I called in they said to only worry about it if it was alot or accompanied by cramping or clotting. They had wanted me to have an u/s to see if there was a cause for it, but when I went in (for the "viability" u/s) a few days later they didn't see anything wrong.

this is just a few drops here and there, not even really worth a panty liner, but it's THERE, KWIM?

It's not any particular time of day, or after I do something, well it did seem to happen more after I squatted down to pick something up?? I have a 10lb lifting restriction so it's not like I pick up anything heavy - not even a couple pounds worth!! Today the most strenuous thing I did was I did grab hold of Carl's collar and pull him away from the electrical inspector guy bc Carl was being a PITA, just wanted to sniff, sniff, sniff bc the guy had just come from a house that had dogs too.

my next appt is Tuesday at 2pm and I actually see a dr this time, I am scheduled for the 1st pelvic exam. I know I'll be asking all sorts of questions, spotting included!! But I really don't expect an answer more than, well it's common for some women. I hope they do an u/s!!!

I have been on progesterone shots all along - thankfully for my butt I only have about a week left of every day shots, and then a week of every other day shots and then I am DONE with them.

ETA: good, we're back to brown, and almost non-existant at that!!
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