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August 8th, 2008, 06:31 AM
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Well it is an experience if anything but that. It is already a week in to having her for the month and it's ok. I had the impression that i wouldn't be able to pull it through mainly because of my pregnancy and all the issues that this brings into someone's life. I cannot even balance myself. Much less balance everything else. But she is not a depended child thank God. She does most of the things herself so the situation doesn't tire me a lot. My husband is bringing most of the balance by always pointing out to her to let me rest. The only major difficulty is her eating. She does not eat....almost anything. She eats a few things she likes and is not prepared to try anything else. She is so thin But i cannot cook everyday 3 dinners a day so i can catch her liking something Even one dinner is too much for me at times. So she ends up eating delivery food more often than i would like her. Also i cannot cook everyday the same things because she doesn't try anything else. I need proper nutrition....and so is hubby. Don't know what else to do....i try....but it is natural i think. She is used to her own mom's - grandmother's kitchen and children are sensitive to foreign tastes of other houses. I just hope the baby that is to come won't be this difficult. I hope she will get used to my cooking from now... and then it will be easier on later. The funny thing is that all of our friends and relatives think i am quite a cook. But as i said that doesn't matter. I child is always more used to it's own house. She will remain with us one more week, then 10 days to her grandparents at the sea and then another 5 with us. I know that her granmother will stuff her up.....LOL....and she will gain somehow, but i fear she will go away from us lighter than she came......moufff....i don't like that but have no idea what else to do. My hubby is very supportive. He told me to cook what pleases me (due to pregnancy) and that she will eat one way or the other. In the end ? I think we will order out again for her. I don't like that, and i don't like the idea of going back and saying she always ate out or too little

Any suggestions ladies???

PS: She is not demanding at all special foods just for her.....but she is just so thin it is sad i seem to cannot do anything better for her


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