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August 8th, 2008, 07:46 AM
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We have a standing rule at our house. If you don't like what is made for dinner, you go hungry! Children will not starve themselves and if you keep giving into her "desires" for takeout, she will continue to eat nothing but that. Keep some fresh fruits on hand and things like peanut butter and jelly for lunch...she'll survive. You should be getting your energy back at this point in your pregnancy. If you're not, talk to your doctor. Millions of women work full time throughout their pregnancy and still maintain a household and care for their other children so unless you have other medical issues, you should be more energetic than you sound. Exersize is good for you and the baby and it will make your labor go a lot easier if you keep in shape so maybe you and your DSD could take a short walk in the afternoons which would also speed up her appetite and thus kill two birds with one stone. If she's sitting around all day, she isn't burning up whatever calories she's taking in and she probably won't get hungry. Keep her busy and she'll get hungry. That's the time you might want to try introducing her to new foods. Especially if she sees you and her dad eating them. Don't let her have snacks right before dinner or lunch. Limit snacks to healthy foods and not cookies or any other type of calorie laden, nutrition free snacks. It will also help if she can help with preparing meals. Children are a lot more likely to eat things that they help prepare. She can make the salad at dinner. Have her tear up the lettuce and place the tomato slices around the bowl. Let her get creative and make "faces" in the salad with tomato and cucumber slices and raisins and egg slices...whatever you can think of to put in a salad. Curly ribbons of carrots make pretty "hair". Make it fun for her and she'll be more likely to participate.
Hope this helps!
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