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August 9th, 2008, 03:13 PM
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Yesterday I noticed that my bb's were leaking. It really freaked me out though because I started leaking one week before we lost Abby. I think I had it in my mind that it wasn't normal to have that so early and that it should have been a "sign" for me. Like my body was gearing up for labor since she had died or something. So naturally I started getting scared, thinking all of those bad thoughts. I asked around on my ddc and other people and found out that I am normal.. lol Then late last night I was sitting here at the computer waiting for some reply's on the milk issue and I felt the baby moving around. I knew it had to be the baby because it was constant and nothing like gas or something. It was my baby doing flips or something in there. I love it!! Then this morning again I have felt her moving, like rubbing my belly with her arm or something. Not real strong movements but definitely baby!

Now I am thinking that this is where it is going to get harder for me. I know that the movements should start getting stronger and stronger and if I stop feeling her moving for any length of time I am going to freak out. I really want to buy a doppler now, but dh doesn't think its a good idea. maybe I will figure out something. I just hope she stays very active for me.

Just wanted to share! I am so very happy!
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