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August 9th, 2008, 10:21 PM
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My question would be why keep this poor childs head inside? Its ok if the head is still inside the mother, but once it comes out, its murder? I don't get that kind of logic.[/b]
Other than in cases where the head may be too big to deliver I completely agree - but I also think that once the baby is out they are not allowed to kill it...not in my understanding anyway...and when a large head isn't the reason it is kept inside, I think it is only done to legally protect themselves.

To the PP who said that Barak Obama is not in favor of this or postpartum is where that coems from:
Yes, I know... Your reaction was similar to mine: "Good Lord! What's next: Endorsing postpartum abortion?" Will this be next?

"When you get right down to it," the Illinois Senator said before an audience at the recent Stem Cells R Us Annual Convention, "What difference does two or three minutes inside or outside the womb really make? One's 'late-term' and the other's 'postpartum'. Who's to say if the postpartum fetus is truly viable? Postpartum fetuses die all the time for all manner of reasons..."[/b]
This man (Erik Rush) has had this article published a TON online...and in many cases the last question before the "quote" (Will this be next) is completely left out, leading people to believe that he is actually quoting Obama - which he is NOT. No doubt Obama IS pro-choice - he has never (and I can't imagine will ever) made a stance regarding "postpartum abortion". He is in favor of all areas of pro-choice including late-term abortion & partial birth abortion. He says all kinds of nice touchy feely stuff about how women have the right to choose & do so with their spouse, their clergy, etc & come to such a deep & profound decision themselves, etc, etc...but in the end - he is pro-choice on down the line & he has a few ratings to indicate his stance based on past voting: (voting data was taken from here)
Obama scores 0% by the NRLC on abortion issues interprets the 2006 NRLC scores as follows:

* 0% - 15%: pro-choice stance (approx. 174 members)
* 16%- 84%: mixed record on abortion (approx. 101 members)
* 85%-100%: pro-life stance (approx. 190 members)[/b]
What is the NRLC? - the National Right to Life

Sen. Obama received the following scores on NARAL Pro-Choice America's Congressional Record on Choice.

* 2007: 100 percent
* 2006: 100 percent
* 2005: 100 percent

Source: NARAL voting record, Jan 1, 2008[/b]
Who is Naral?
NARAL Pro-Choice America was conceived in 1969 as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws. When the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, NARAL changed its name to the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. With 500,000 members and 36 state affiliates, the group today lobbies on behalf of pro-abortion legislation at the state and federal levels, conducting opinion polls, mobilizing pro-abortion activists, and producing a yearly publication titled A State-by-State Review of Reproductive Rights, which monitors developments in abortion legislation in each American state. Central to this work is NARAL's two-tiered mission to defend legalized abortion-on-demand, and to defeat all efforts to limit the procedure.[/b]
I hope that adds some clarity as to where Obama stands on the issues & where he does not & why some people were mislead to believe he somehow believes in "postpartum abortion".


As far as I am concerned I do not believe that a child should ever undergo such a thing unless there are literally no other options - and that meaning such as having a head too large to deliver. Personally I do not believe I would even do it then because I know that c-section is an option. I also know that if there is ANY chance I would be able to hold a living child, a c-section is often the gentlest birth for a child with severe issues. For me, having a c-section to hold a baby that lived 5 minutes is WORTH the c-section. I do not think for me a sick child would ever be a reason to abort since I feel that it is not for me to say how much discomfort or pain a child will be in & there is a LOT that can be done medically to control that. I shudder to think that anyone could potentially end a life that has a purpose & may be a much better life than the "experts" predict. I know someone personally that was told to abort basically her whole pg since her baby would never make it full term (due to heart issues with the baby) and then she was told that if she insisted on delivering him he would never make it through delivery - then she was told he wouldn't live long, then not to a year, he is 12 now & after a few surgeries & a pace-maker he is expected to possibly need another heart in his lifetime, but he is expected to be FINE. I also have a sister that was told that her son had downs syndrome - and he does not. I just would not make such a serious decision based on things like this..... they will not always be right & I will never believe that it is better to abort than to love them for however long they are here.
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