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August 12th, 2008, 12:43 PM
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Well today's doctor appointment didnt go as I hoped. First they had me drink the orange stuff which wasnt bad at all. It tasted like orange pop to me but DH kept bugging me to hurry up and drink it. I wanted to slap him Then they called me in to do the ultra sound. They started it and first thing we were told is she is breeched so all the rib pain I've been having is her feet because again she had them over her head. She started with having both legs in from of her face so we then tryed poking and talking her into moving them but that didnt work and so we tryed empting my bladder but all that did was get her to flip and instead of just the legs in front of her face she now had an arm too. So we tryed poking her more and then she moved her legs but put both arms in front of her face. We did get a quick shot and Mike says he saw her nose and she has the teddy bear nose he has but I couldnt make out the nose. So we got no 3D shots of her. The tech did see how much she weighs and so far she is 1 pound 13 ounces and all the measurements are right where they should be. So now we will have to wait till Nov. 7th to see what she looks like. Then I went and got weighed and I've gained another 4 pounds so 6 in total so far. I am now 163 so thats good. BP was fine and the heart beat was 150 BPM. They drew my blood and I will get those results in 2 days or so. Then the doctor got after me about the couple of cigerettes I have so I am now going to quit in the next day or two. Have to gear up for it. She also told Mike to not smoke around me so that should help some. So over all things went ok but I just wish we could have seen her more. I have to go back on the 25th for my next appointment and I have to have another ultra sound done on sep 25th to see if she is still breeched. We did get a 2d picture but it doesnt show much. Its not the best picture we've gotten. So thats the update on todays appointment.

Oh and she said that next time I have cramps like that to call the emergancy line and not leave a message. So now I know.

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