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August 13th, 2008, 05:31 AM
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I like Casey's suggestion of starting a journal - so I'm copying-catting here. (I hope you don't mind, Casey )

As a short & sweet intro, Iím Becky (34), DH is Tony (also 34). Weíve been TTC #1 since January which has been 5 very long cycles and just starting cycle #6. After trying unsuccessfully to get pg, I went to see my doctor and he has prescribed Clomid.

Itís CD8 for me, and Iíve taken 3 doses of the Clomid so far. Iíve been a little tired and a few dizzy spells here & there, but donít really know if that is from the medicine or just from what I was doing at the time. Yesterday afternoon and continuing thru the evening I started having these strange cramps/twinges in my groin area Ė and it was painful to walk. I called the advice nurse last night, who after speaking with the on-call doctor, did not think it was caused by the Clomid. So, Iím just to keep an eye on it & let them know if it gets worse or doesnít go away in a few days. Of course with being sore there, BDing will be uncomfortable so I hope this goes away soon!!! I do feel some better today and can move around easier so I may just have pulled a muscle or something yesterday without realizing it. Silly me . . .

My next dose of Clomid will be this afternoon @ 1:00, and tomorrow will be my last dose. I donít know when to expect to O, but I do have some OPKs and Iíll start testing with them. Hopefully . . . (Iím keeping my fingers crossed here) . . . this medicine will work and we can get that BFP.

Thanks Jaidynsmum for another perfect siggy!!
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